wedding announcement to vinyl design

I recently designed a wedding announcement for my best friend of 22 years. So, I have these fun dandelion graphics now, that I would love to make out of vinyl. I might have to change them a bit and take out some of the details, so they aren't so hard to weed, but they will still be super cute!
Does anyone have a cute space I could hang them to sample?



Distressed Eiffel Tower


So, you might recognize this bedding... My sister moved, so I got to do some vinyl for my neice's bedroom again! :)


Since they are renting this house, vinyl is the PERFECT solution for adding your personal touch without painting.


I wish you could see all the cute Paris inspired stuff in this room and how well it tied in, but as long as you can see how cute it is, we're okay, right?

dimensions: 42.5"w x 65.5"h
pieces to install: 3

price: $65.00

purchase it here