Just Married Sign-2

Here is a picture of another Just Married sign I did for a wedding. It's nothing fancy, but the flowers matched the flowers from her invite, so it worked out perfect for them.

Isn't her little sister hysterical! I love that girl!



I can do custom Just Married signs as well. I can put personalized info like names and dates as well. So, if you need a custom Just Married sign, it is one of the most personalized gifts you can give a classy bride. Just contact me and I can design something for you.


Blossom Tree

My beautiful sister-in-law wanted a tree for some family pictures. So, she helped me come up with this little beauty and I must say...
It turned out amazing with her decor!

Here is the tree right after hanging it.


Here it is after she added her amazing touch.


And, up close.


I don't have an example of it, but you could get the blossom leaves in a different color for only $10 more!

Dimensions: 72"w x 83"h
Pieces: 10

Single Color Price: $75.00
Dual-Color Price: $85.00

You can purchase it here on Etsy.


New Colors!

I have recently gotten some new colors that I am DYING to try. So, if anyone has a project they will let me do in these beautiful new shades, PLEASE let me know.

And, if it's any incentive... How's 20% off sound?



Where have I been....

Man, I get so off during the holidays. YES- That is my excuse!

Now, I've still been doing vinyl, and actually A LOT of it, but not much I can show you. :( Just a lot of custom sayings and little stuff for Christmas gifts and filling some orders from Etsy.

But, I have a few things in the works, so I'll give you a little teaser... sound good?

We've got a little "star fever!"


Dino Nursery


Tropical Paradise


And a new tree... I think I shall call it "Blossom Tree"