Easter Scene in the Grass

I've had this in mind for a while to do for Easter, but sadly... I've been crazy busy and it's been pushed to the back burner WAY too many times. But, HEY it's finally done!


So, the package comes with enough to do two different scenes. 2 grass sections, 2 bunnies, a basket, 5 eggs, 3 chicks and 2 "Happy Easter" sayings.


You can put it all together however you would like. And you can choose your own color choices. You will choose
1- Grass (olive is shown)
2- Easter Saying/ Eggs (geyser blue is shown)
3- Bunny/ Basket (soft pink is shown)
4- Bunny/ Chicks/ Eggs (maize is shown)
5- Eggs (lavender is shown)


You could also do a cute scene like this with the Easter decor you already have, and use the other items somewhere else, or just order the grass individually here.


Total Price: $30.00

It can be ordered on my Etsy page here.

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