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To add a little elegance to a nursery or living room, add this beautiful scalloped design with your choice of font and pattern on the inside. This design comes in two choices, single or dual-color. The single color design has the monogramed letters as negative space. Therefore, the color on your wall will be the color shown through. The dual-color design has the monogram as a separate piece of vinyl on top of the scalloped design.
All vinyl comes with a guide on how to install, with an easy step-by-step process, with pictures included.

single color
dimensions: 34"w x 25.5"h
total pieces to install: 2
price: $30.00

dimensions: 34"w x 25.5"h
total pieces to install: 3
price: $38.00

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  1. I love, Love, LOVE Monograms! You did a fabulous job on all of these projects! Quite the talented lady I might add!