its a jungle out there- foliage

There are two sets of grasses, a standard and a decorative. They each come in two sizes. The larger one, looks like the image(s) above. The smaller one, is made up of 4 of the image above. It will be separated into 2 strips, and each strip is made up of 2 , side by side, made into one piece.

standard grass
dimensions of large grass: 33"w x 13"h
total pieces: 1

dimensions of small grass: 36.5"w x 7.5"h
total pieces: 2

decorative grass
dimensions of large grass: 25"w x 13"h
total pieces: 1

dimensions of small grass: 30"w x 8"h
total pieces: 2

standard and decorative prices:
small grass: $25.00
large grass: $15.00



The vine package comes in 8 pieces as pictured above. You can put these designs together however you would like and cut them up if necessary. You could even separate them onto two different areas of the room, there is so much in this package. There is plenty to decorate the whole room! The individual vine is about 3.5" thick.
You can also purchase the individual sections of vine, if you would like to add to your already created vines, or even create your own.

dimensions of complete vine package: 3.5" thick, and about 8' of vine
total pieces to install: 8

dimensions of individual vine sections: 8"w x 3.5"h
total pieces: 8

complete vine price: $50.00
individual sections price: $7.00

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