New Item- Traffic Vinyl Wall Decals

My newest addition to my Etsy shop is:

Traffic Vinyl Wall Decals
Found here at my Etsy shop


My boys share a room and they LOVE cars! So, they wanted some cars on their wall. This is what I came up with.


I decided to add a little something custom to make them feel special seeing their names up on the wall. So, I put their names in a made up company name on the side of the semi-trucks.


When you order your own, you will get to customize the sayings on both the semi-trucks.

Some custom ideas could include your child's first or last name:
- Jensen and Son's
- Anderson Plumbing
- Carter's Furniture
- Parker Landscaping
- etc...


The pictures above used only 4 colors, but when ordering, you will be able to choose up to 5 colors!! You will also be able to choose your own custom fonts for the custom sayings.

When ordering include:
- Up to 5 color options: 1- Cars, 2- Semi, Trailer & Cars, 3- Other Semi, Trailer & Cars, 4- Cars & Trailer, 5- Exhaust.
- Font choice (1-4)


Size Dimensions: W5.5" x H4” to W18.5" x H5”
Pieces: 8 exhaust, 2 semi-trucks, 3 trailers, 9 other cars

Price: only $39.00 for everything!

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